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More Energy, Greater Endurance, Enhanced Mental Clarity.

Every Single Day.

Be Ready for Any Adventure.

Read What Experienced Survivalists are Saying About SurvivaGuard:

“I took SurvivaGuard for 30 days as an experiment to see if I’d like them. The effects of the blend were profound. I absolutely noticed a difference in my energy level and just over all good feeling. I have a 2 week supply in my BOB and I plan to pick up a year supply of these. I was very impressed. I also reached out when I got them to ask how they compare to Centrum Multivitamins which I’ve taken, I got an an incredible response from a medical professional with the comparison”

@zerodisastersurvival, Zero Disaster Survival

“I have never been someone who took vitamin supplements. I’ve always been in good health and really didn’t see the need until I seriously started to really look at my emergency food stores and how much it will be strained in a crisis. I’ve found the answer. Now, I felt pretty good anyway so after taking it for a week, I still felt great. For a better test, my wife was complaining for weeks of being tired and having no energy. I had her take SurvivaGuard and in a few days she felt better and by the end of the week said what ever was causing her to be tired was not longer present. She felt good. Is that a great scientific study? No, but as we changed nothing else but adding SurivaGuard, we have to say it worked for us and we have added it to, not only our food storage, but our go bags, and it is now part of our everyday routine.”

@rocky_mountain_readiness, Rocky Mountain Readiness

“These vitamins are amazing! I stopped energy drinks when I started my 30 day trial and I actually have MORE energy and sleep better than ever before.”

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Off-Grid Nutritional Support to Increase Your Physical and Mental Endurance.

Feel the SurvivaGuard Difference.


“Just got them the other day and took two before camping yesterday in the AM. Man I feel a difference already!!!


“I’m a big fan of supplements. I think they’ll be even more important during an emergency or disaster. Think about the types of foods that you’ll be eating they don’t have great nutritional value. They have good calories, fats & carbs. We should be getting all of our necessary nutrients through the foods we eat, but if we don’t, that’s where supplements come in! I think @survivaguard has really filled an important void in the prepper community with these supplements. Plus, these supplements have a longer shelf life than most other supplements.  ”

@roguepreparedness, Rogue Preparedness

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe and Protected

From Nutritional Deficiencies and Disease in a Long Term Survival Situation

Episode 59 (@58:26) “When you get long term food storage you can look at the vitamins and minerals and nutrients in it and obviously see that you are going to be deficient. There’s no way you are going to get everything you need from freeze-dried, dehydrated food. Supplementation in a SHTF scenario is going to be a huge deal, and these guys have actually figured out how to do it.. these vitamins are awesome”

@casualprepperspodcast, Casual Preppers Podcast

Epidode 3 (@34:23) “It’s very different and I’ve never seen anything like it, or even thought about it.   It’s a great concept!  A multivitamin with blends designed to help your performance and keep you healthy.  Many uses – long-term storage, backpacking etc.  MRE’s can wreak havoc on your body, so consider SurvivaGuard.” 

@stateofemergencypodcast, State of Emergency Podcast
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Vitamin Depot
Vitamin Depot
Great product! 💯% of all daily essentials.
Aaron Knesal
Aaron Knesal
These vitamins are amazing! I stopped energy drinks when I started my 30 day trial and I actually have MORE energy and sleep better than ever before.
Kay Trump Overby
Kay Trump Overby
Very helpful information!!