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SurvivaGuard Affiliate Program

It’s as easy as…

Step 3 - Start making money

Generate easy revenue from your website by becoming a SurvivaGuard Affiliate.

We would love to partner with you and your website! Our Affiliates are valued members of our organization that help to connect our brand to the people and community around them. Our Affiliate program allows you to generate extra and easy revenue from your website by a unique referral link to refer people to from your website. Whether you’re a large or small company, individual with a content website or blog, or even none of the above, our Affiliate Program is designed to help you maximize a new earning potential. Our Affiliate support team will help you along the way, because when you succeed, we succeed. 

SurvivaGuard Affiliates help others connect with us by adding our one of our creative banners, hyperlinked to their unique URLs, on their websites or other interweb mediums. You will receive your own unique URL and every time someone buys something from our website through your link, you earn 20% commission!

Register to become a SurvivaGuard Affiliate today and leverage the success of The Ultimate Vitamin Formula for daily maintenance, emergency preparedness, sustainable living, long term storage and LIFE!


  • Fast-growing, high-converting niche industry with no competition
  • A growing list of satisfied customers who will repeat purchase
  • The only long term storage vitamin formula on the market with 
    100% RDA vitamins and minerals and all 13 essential vitamins
  • NutriPrep Blend for more energy, increased endurance and mental sharpness




What’s in it for you:

  • Refer customers to SurvivaGuard and earn 20% commission on ALL successful sales from your unique URL, including recurring sales – for uncapped, unlimited commissions.
  • A valued member of our organization as a SurvivaGuard Affiliate
  • Get up and running in minutes with your own unique referral URL and ready-to-go creative banners for easy sharing or linking to any social media platform, i.e. your content blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or direct links that allows you to link directly to this site, from your own website, without an affiliate link
  • Lifetime Commissions: When a customer clicks on your affiliate referral URL and makes a purchase from our website, they’re instantly linked to your affiliate account. When the customer returns to make another purchase, you will receive a commission, even if they visit our website directly. A customer can only be linked to one Affiliate at a time. An affiliate is guaranteed a commission when a linked customer makes a purchase even if the customer clears their browser cookies, makes a purchase using a different computer, or purchases while logged out
  • Detailed Referral Statistics: View accurate performance data in your private affiliate area. See up-to-date information for visits, referrals, conversions and payouts



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