17 10, 2018

Demystifying the Aurora Borealis: Where and How to Find This Must-See Phenomenon

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The Aurora Borealis is a mystical phenomenon that tops bucket lists around the world. Known in Roman myths as the “dawn of the north,” these stunning light displays have captivated people for centuries. Although this natural wonder is a must-see for most, it can be surprisingly difficult to nail down. [...]

16 10, 2018

Social Media Is Making the Outdoors More Dangerous

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Statistics from Los Angeles County demonstrate just how deadly doing it for the ‘Gram can be. We all know that one-upmanship on social media is stupid and dangerous. But now we may have stats to prove it. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue team reports that its [...]

13 10, 2018

6 Reasons to Take a Mountain Biking Skills Course

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Lon Cullen was riding a trail at Georgia’s Mulberry Gap when a group of riders zoomed by. "My competitiveness got the better of me, and I decided I wasn’t going to let them win," says Cullen. As he sped downhill to catch them, he lost control and crashed, fracturing the [...]

12 10, 2018

6 Day Trips in Alabama for First-Time Kayakers

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Kayaking is a perfect way to see nature from a different perspective, things look a lot different from atop the water rather than standing along the shores. Alabama’s 130,000 miles of rivers and streams give beginner paddlers plenty of opportunity to get their feet wet (or hopefully not!) with a [...]

11 10, 2018

19 beautiful forests around the world everyone should visit in their lifetime >>

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  There are three distinct types of forests.Forests cover 31% of the Earth's land surface, and there are three distinct types: tropical, temperate, and boreal (taiga). From the otherworldly Dragon's Blood Forest in Yemen to Hawaii's magical Rainbow Eucalyptus Forest, these vastly different woods showcase the world's unique beauty in [...]

10 10, 2018

When Getting Sorta Lost is…Good?

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We were off the map, nearly out of food and having a blast. As my wife and I neared what I assumed was an upcoming trail junction, the dotted line marking the trail we hoped to find on our (admittedly quite old) USGS topo map showed a path snaking along [...]

9 10, 2018

Trainer Hill – Hiking/Trail Running

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Trainer Hill is a dog of a climb and appropriately named for whipping rears into shape. At its most taxing, Trainer Hill climbs 1,000 feet in .9 miles. Your calves will burn–oh yes–they will holler. Thankfully, you get this over with early. The remaining four-ish miles are quite pleasant, meandering [...]

8 10, 2018

Falls Campground – Camping

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Intro Just a 30-minute drive from Dubois, the Falls Campground gives you the chance to pitch a tent or park your RV near a gorgeous waterfall surrounded by a pine and fir tree forest. Running next to the campground, Brooks Lake Creek leads to a stunning overlook of the main [...]

6 10, 2018

How to Pull Off the Perfect Weekend Mountain Getaway From Charlotte

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When you take off for a weekend in the North Carolina High Country, you’ll only face one big obstacle—figuring out how to fit it all in. From ziplines and waterfalls to brew pubs and spas, the mountains surrounding the historic towns of Boone, Blowing Rock, Banner Elk, and Linville offer [...]

5 10, 2018

The 7 Best Water Adventures in the Southwest Utah Desert

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Nothing feels more refreshing on a scorching day than a cool dip in a swimming hole, lake, or—if you’re in southeastern Utah—even a slot canyon. Washington County is famous not only for soaring cliffs and sandstone landscapes—it is the driest part of the state, after all—but also for its diverse [...]