20 03, 2019

The Complete Guide to Spring Fishing on the Crystal Coast

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Springtime means warmer weather and warmer waters along the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, which means more comfortable weather for fishing and plenty of fish to be found! The Crystal Coast is an 85-mile stretch of pristine coastline along North Carolina’s central coast, just north of Wilmington and at the [...]

15 03, 2019

For a Truly Authentic Colorado Experience, Visit the Town of Kremmling

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North-central Colorado’s wild Grand County attracts vacationers year-round, and bargain-savvy travelers have made Kremmling their base camp for generations. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a relaxing group retreat, or a fun-filled family vacation, Kremmling is the "best little town you’ve never heard of," a diamond-in-the-rough bursting with rough-and-rugged [...]

5 03, 2019

An Angler’s Guide to the Best Fishing Near Alamosa

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Heaven among anglers, the high-desert valley of Alamosa is home to a ginormous web of more than 1,400 rivers, streams, reservoirs and lakes, including the beloved Rio Grande River, which is fed by the surrounding snow-capped peaks. Of those waterways, the Rio Grande River, a siren call to anglers, embodies [...]

27 02, 2019

6 Toughest Adventures in Kentucky

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There are countless reasons why people explore the outdoors. For some, it’s the desire to commune with nature in the most Zen way possible with less hustle and bustle. For others who live in climates with less-than-hospitable conditions most of the year, it’s to take advantage of beautiful weather while [...]

22 02, 2019

7 Essential Items You Need in Your Bug-Out-Bag

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Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a die-hard urbanite, or somewhere in between, bug-out-bags are something everyone really should have by now. Not to sound dire here but natural disasters are a part of the planet’s life cycle, and climate change is only accelerating their frequency. Obviously, not everyone is going [...]

15 02, 2019

7 Tips for Introducing Kids to Outdoor Activities

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The health benefits of getting outdoors are well documented. Even a simple 30-minute walk around the neighborhood can do wonders for your overall well-being. And making time to get outdoors is more important now than ever, as people of all ages spend an increasing amount of time on smartphones and [...]

12 02, 2019

8 things every hiker can do to address (or avoid) overcrowded trails

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February 8, 2019 | Crystal Paul Bothered by busy trails and poor trail etiquette? Here's how every hiker can address the issue of overcrowded trails. When I started as the travel and outdoors reporter at The Seattle Times, among the first advice I received was to be careful when writing [...]

8 02, 2019


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GRAHAM AVERILL | JAN 31, 2019 |   Thru-hiking for months on end is out of reach for most of us. But a weekend backpacking trip? Most of us can carve that time into our schedules. Luckily, the Southern Appalachians are chock full of sub-100 mile trails that offer a thru-hiking [...]

6 02, 2019

7 Spine-Tingling Stories of Adventures in the Woods

By | 2019-02-21T21:45:03-04:00 February 6th, 2019|Nature, Outdoors, Travel|Comments Off on 7 Spine-Tingling Stories of Adventures in the Woods

Telling ghost stories around the fire is a beloved tradition of most camping trips. They ratchet up the fear factor even more when they’re true—reminding us, not so subtly, that the inherent risks of being outside can go from minor and manageable to downright terrifying. These seven spine-tingling tales, from [...]

29 01, 2019

7 Reasons Everyone Who Loves the Outdoors Should Visit Northeast Tennessee

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What do you look for when planning an outdoorsy getaway? Is it an area with an abundance of diverse hiking trails? A place with dozens of beautiful waterfalls? Or, what about somewhere with that certain special mountain charm? Whatever it is that you crave, Northeast Tennessee will check all the [...]