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Shelf Life of ImmunoEssentials100  #10 Can 6 Month Supply is 10 Years


Vitamins and dietary supplements are not required by law to carry expiration dates on their labels. A manufacturer may voluntarily elect to print an “expiration date”, “use by”, or “best by” date on a product. In doing so the manufacturer is legally required to have data on file demonstrating that the product will still have 100 percent of its listed ingredients until that date. Typical vitamins have a shelf life of 2 years.

For daily use ImmunoEssentials100 is stable for 3 years when stored on the shelf in the standard bottle.

For long term storage with a shelf life of 10 years the 360 count 6 month supply is sealed in a #10 can in the following manner:

  • (3)  5 mil Mylar bags, each containing (2) bottles of ImmunoEssentials100, a desiccant, and a premium 500 cc Oxygen absorber are sealed

  • The (3) Mylar bags containing a total of (6) bottles are then sealed in a #10 can with an additional  desiccant and a 500 cc Oxygen absorber inside the can

  • Our packaging method utilizes premium 5 mil Mylar bags and utilizes four times the required Oxygen absorbing capacity based on volume