Survival Kit

Daily Vitamins for Performance in Life

– Vitamins are like engine oil.

You are supposed to operate your engine with the oil level on the FULL mark. If your engine is a quart or two low, you won’t even know it. Your car starts up, no problem. There’s no warning light. You drive to the grocery store just fine.

But take that same car to the race track. And run the engine wide open. Put your foot to the floor. Hold it there for a few hours. In 100 degree heat. Then see what happens to your car’s performance.

It will run hot. It will run rough. It will start to slow down. Eventually, it will quit.

If your body is a little low on essential vitamins, you probably won’t feel that either. Off to work you go every morning.  No problem. You feel fine.

We’re not talking about an absolute lack of vitamins here. An absolute lack of vitamins will kill you. Just like an engine with no oil will seize. We’re talking about a sub-clinical deficiency of vitamins. A little low, not empty. It’s an extremely common situation. 

Now put yourself under physically and emotionally stressful conditions. Facing extreme physical demands. Living on an incomplete diet. With little or no sleep. Exposed to the elements. On the side of a mountain… or during a long hike… or off-gridding…

Do you think your performance will be affected if you are deficient in essential vitamins? 

Too late to buy ammunition after the shooting starts, as they say. You cannot store most essential vitamins in your body for more than 24 hours. Like food, you must consume 100% of essential vitamins every single day if you are going to stay on the FULL mark. There’s a reason they are called essential vitamins.

If you are going to be physically and mentally prepared to function at your absolute best, under any conditions, and at a moment’s notice, make SurvivaGuard part of your daily routine.